Author Topic: Red Shadows Rules  (Read 1388 times)


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Red Shadows Rules
« on: March 11, 2009, 09:05:48 am »
*Transferred from old forums*

Below is a copy from the original rules that applied on Mid/Excal, these rules also apply to the Bossiney cluster (with some small modifications). Thought it would be a good idea for anyone who might wonder.

1: HAVE FUN!!! Why play otherwise?

2: Show respect to all guildmembers and to all members of the guilds within the alliance!

3: No repeated pm'ing guild mates for powerleveling.

4: Never spam for PL'ing or gold in /as - though you may ask if there is a powerlevelling group up as long as the request isn't spammed over and over.

5: No continual spamming of guild chat asking for powerleveling or gold. You can ask for help XP'ing once, if someone is free to help they will pm you. Please remember though, all those people who are lvl 50 had to work hard to get there and it's even less fun when your re-doing all that work for someone else.

6: No spamming random people begging for gold/items/or PL'ing.

7: Act with respect towards all other members of the realm.

8: The /as channel is an open channel and we encourage members to use it to gain information and/or groups. What is not encouraged is 2 guild members talking to each other over it (use /gu) or the hawking of your wears. If you really need to sell an item then you can list the items once. We would much prefer you to use the market explorer area of this forum though.

9: No personal insults to be issued over the /as channel. If you have a problem with anyone then take it to a /cg or pm them.

RS has worked hard at earning a reputation for being a friendly guild and we have made many friends. So pls remember as soon as you wear our emblem on ur back you represent us with every action you take, wether ur the GM or a new recruit. Any members found to be taking actions such as anti-social behaviour, scamming, spam begging randoms, useing macro/radar/spd hacks will be dealt with severly (the offenders will also be reported to GOA/Mythic by an officer if the matter is a serious one).


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RE: Red Shadows Rules
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2009, 05:44:25 pm »
For the avoidance of doubt, this goes for Storm Shadow as well. :)